It’s sometimes good in life to take a step back to gain perspective

Since 2005, just before Jake joined, and after our debut success, we have been working our asses off putting out records and touring our way. We were fortunate to work with the indie labels/agents we did for the albums Vultures, Consciousness, 3’s, Chemicals and Shape Shifter but it seemed each album cycle was becoming harder to sell albums. The populuar rock music of the early 2000’s was being blanketed by a more indie and pop sound. Luckily, the 3 of us kept that punk rock mentality, which allowed us to keep making albums and getting out there to tour despite the typical rock band nightmares of breakups and bad blood. We watched other bands from our time inplode and just fade away. We never ever wanted to do that and always had the mindset that we would sail through the storm. Twice since 2006 we have taken breaks to re-group for whatever was to come next. It wasn’t something that we wanted to do, but rather something that was needed based on the industry and surviving. As we all know, life is ever changing and especially when you get to the age of families and providing for you and yours. The older we get the more priorities change. The more life changes. We all agree that it’s best for everyone if Smile Empty Soul, right now, moves forward without Jake Kilmer and Ryan Martin.

Thank you to all of our fans, friends and families for all of your support throughout the years!!!

Jake, Sean and Ryan( I see infinite)

“It’s about the good walk, and the hard walk, and the young girls you made cry. It’s about makin little music everyday till you die,.. it’s a beautiful ride.” – Dewy Cox


S.E.S (Sean, Ryan and Jake)

This is by no means the end of Smile Empty Soul, new tour starts in 2 weeks and new album coming early next year!!!!